Saturday, May 21, 2016

Words mean different things to different people

A few years ago (OK many years ago)  McDonnell Douglas Aircraft company was celebrating the first flight of their new aircraft, the fabulous MD-11.  A bunch of movers and shakers were invited to witness the flight from an auditorium in (I think) the Engineering Center in Long Beach.  (Nobody could really witness it in-situ, unless they were in a chase plane.) They had all sorts of stuff live on the giant screen in the auditorium.  I happened to be there on other business, and they graciously invited an engineering ragamuffin like me to view the showing.  The MD-11 took off from a field East of Long Beach and proceeded out over the Pacific Ocean so as not to be over populated areas.

 The Computer room, filled with Cray computers was just across the hall from the entrance  to the auditorium.  Suddenly, the screen went blank.  No sound.  No image.  There were all sorts of rumblings in the auditorium.  The door to the Auditorium flew open and a young geek shouted into the room "We've crashed."  After a few heart attacks in the McDonnell family and management, he amended that statement to the computers have crashed and could not process the telemetry.

This is a posting in praise of a truly great company.  However, even the greatest company is at the mercy of it's lowest geek.

This posting was brought to mind because of a moronic commenter's statement on a popular blog asking why we should even carry black boxes on aircraft if we couldn't immediately retrieve them after a crash.  Someone see that the moron gets an invite to the Engineering Center where they recover and refurbish the  black (orange) boxes to be read.  Those engineers and techs are truly awesome in what they accomplish!

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Net Is Rigged Against Conservatives

Most of the middle-of-the-road or more conservative discussion sites have now switched over to facebook or other social media sites for commenting.  They will not let you contact them or complain.  They will not talk to you about how to ameliorate the situation.  Hot Air, Instapundit, and similar sites require you to use Facebook - you know the site controlled by Zuckerberg, the Facebook owner who censors conservative postings.  Facebook holds the position of a "common carrier" but they spend their time trying to control the political spectrum - in favor of  "progressives."

They say,  "all you have to do is join facebook," and you can post on their sites."   What's wrong with that?  Would you like to trust your personal data to a political operative and a site that is in the business of censoring people like you.  If you go to the sites mentioned, you can see they are much diminished.  They are filled with political shills and operatives, and other obvious morons.  Because of the posting limitations, their site comments go forward without any other views.  Most of the commenters that have supported these sites for the last dozen years are no longer posting, including me.  Thanks Ed and Glenn.  Good businessmen!

Site comments, in my humble opinion, should be a contract between the site owner and the commenter.  Why should an honest site demand the commenter go through a biased third party to make coments to the site?

If anybody is interested, here are a few interesting blogs that accept your comments directly:

Small Dead Animals
Day by Day
the Diplomad

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Boaty Mc Boatface

The British elites are having a conniption about their science ship naming results  These so-called science-guys thought it would be great to have a naming contest for their new ocean science ship that the British people want named Boaty Mc Boatface.  According to the "Atlantic,"an extreme librul propaganda piece:

Alas, Science Minister Jo Johnson was not amused.  "The new royal research ship will be sailing into the  world's iciest waters to address global challenges that affect the lives o hundreds of millions of people, including global warming, the melting of polar ice and rising sea levels. ..."

This science minister thinks the people are stupid and mocking him.  He is right about the mocking, but not about the stupid.  This is NOT a social media prank, but a mass of intelligent people telling this librul puke that they are not going along with the extraction of money from their billfolds for a project based on lies, that is being politically used to provide sources of money and control for other world elites.  The people aren't stupid.  The science is NOT settled.  NO science is settled!  Globul warming is not science, it is a political control tool.  The people know that.

I think the British are being quite mannerly about this.  They are using ridicule to shame these grifters, and the grifters are too stupid to recognize it.  I also think that these bureaucrats and "scientists" should be intelligent enough to know that living in shame is still better than dieing the old fashioned British way of handling thieves and grifters, by the gibbet and headsman.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our Last Black President

I think that Barack Hussein Obama will be the last black president of the United States.  The previous black president (William Jefferson Clinton and Mr. Obama have poisoned the electoral process for this country to such an extent that the United States will no longer be able to exist as a county if this travesty continues.  Barack has opened out borders to all the people who don't know what America and its laws means.  The most common term of the newspaper accounts of the recent riots in Chicago is "undocumented."    Almost all the descriptions and pictures show racial minorities doing all the destruction and making all the noise.

The news fabrication pukes blame the riots on Donald Trump, in the same vein that muslims blame the woman for her own rape.  The dhimocrapts and news enemy combatants  using new descriptions of "illegal orders" are trying to get the politicized military senior officers to go along with providing these undocumented bums with an Army to eliminate the whites and middle classes.  Posse Comitatus means nothing to these revolutionary bums, except to give a legal cover to their unpunished destruction.  I am not  particularly a Trump supporter, but I think he is right in this case.  Deport EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PUKES!  Protect yourself.  Clean and sight in your rifle and handgun.

In the name of diversity and politics, President Obama has poisoned the water for any other black high elected official.  You communist/marxist/socialist/dhimocrapts. can blame your enemies for forcing this on us, but you are to blame, no matter how much the NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC
CNN, FOX, Telemndo, the GOPe,  the DNC, and all the stupid republican candidates blame us.  The time is coming for a redress of grievances.  Remember these people.

Monday, December 7, 2015


"Ralph Peters on Fux News:  Let's face it, Obama is a "total pussy";  Update:  Suspended two weeks.

Ever since Rupert Murdoch gave his flaming librul children control of Fux news, their editorial directions have been moving hard, hard left.  I, for one are turning Fux off most of the time.  I know it makes little difference in modern ratings, but, I think it would be a great idea to shake up the Fux hubris by putting them at the bottom when encounterng them in a poll, whether  telephone or internet.


Thursday, December 3, 2015


This is the bravest posting I have ever done.  This is a predictive posting, not a call to arms.  This all can be easily avoided, but it won't be.  Instead, the powers that be will seek to punish those who call out the problem.  The people of the United States apparently are in a mood for violent action.  I do not agree with them (how can you agree with ignorant idiots).  But, if you look around the country and listen to the news as it filters through the talking heads, you will notice that now, every few days, there are mass- more than four at a time- shootings around the country.  I think these are the result of frustrations  of helplessness of the people, both left and right.  The people are frustrated by overreaching and out-of-control bureaucracy, egged on by some irresponsible  politicians and many press types and rabble rousers.

All the responsible parties, and if I say on both sides this will be meant by the press to be the Right side, need to calm down.  The United States is obviously on the brink of a different kind of revolution.  A revolution by dribbles.  This revolution is not going to evince itself by a bombardment of a government installation in a harbor somewhere, but by small groups taking their frustrations out on their fellow citizens.  Many will shoot up a  local government office.  Many others will start shooting policemen for grievances real and perceived.  As unemployment goes higher, you can add to the mix those who lost jobs because a few rich business owners want to milk an extra few bucks profit by hiring foreign labor.  The grievances are unending and it seems that our bureaucrats, politicians and press just support the grievous practices instead of ending them.

Black Friday, a created shopping day after Thanksgiving,  has resulted in the populace going shopping --- for guns.  On black Friday about 200,000 rifles, guns, and pistols were bought by the populace.  That is enough weaponry to equip the U.S. Marine Corps  and have a couple of divisions left over. This is not going to result in drastic aggressive action, but it may end up as a drastic defensive action.  The problem that must be recognized is that of the current administration.  Baseless or not, there are many people in this country that are waiting. for the administration to seize on the current situation and do something stupid, such as declaring martial law.  That declaration would not necessarily result in  a calming of the situation, but outright civil war.  Now we know that Obama  fits the definition of stupidity and you can't fix stupid.  So let just everybody cool it until after the next election and keep the name calling and incitement down.

Meanwhile, we've been through this before:

                      "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition and we'll all Stay Free."

                      "Trust in God, but Keep Your Powder Dry."

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Who was president when......

World War I            Woodrow Wilson (D)

World War II           Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (D)

Korean War             Harry Truman  (D)

Viet Nam War         John F. Kennedy  (D)
                                 Lyndon Baines Johnson  (D)

Gulf War                  George H.W. Bush  (R)

Iraq War                   George Bush  (R)
                                 Barack Obama  (D)

The new leftist mantra is that it is the Republicans that take the United Stated to war.  This is  easily proved false.  I have included LBJ and BO as secondary war presidents because they Inherited other wars, but mismanaged them to such an extent that we lost the wars.  The last two wars losses were actually exacerbated by a congress (D) that cut off funds after the United States won the actions. leaving  our brave allies without resources to continue and win.