Saturday, March 22, 2014

From the Net and a Suggestion

Our pussy in charge of the White house recently addressed a meeting of several native American chiefs in upper New York state. The article states that he extolled all the great things coming to their tribes and all the great things he is doing for them.  In response, these chiefs bestowed the honorific native American title of "Walking Eagle" on him.  After he left they were asked why they gave him this native American name.  The chief explained that walking eagle is what they call an eagle so full of shit that it can't fly.

Our pussy in chief (PIC)can redeem himself and can set the world laughing at Iran and its mullahs.  They are building a wooden mockup of USS Nemitz, ostensibly to show the world that the mighty Iranian Nave can sink a vaunted American super carrier.   In World War 2, the Germans built mock, decoy airfields to trick the RAF into wasting bombs on pastures.  The RAF responded by dropping wooden bombs on these mock airfields.  I suggest that our PIC direct the U.S. Navy to drop a few wooden bombs on the wooden carrier.   Paint the word "BOOM" on the bombs.

Senator James Inhofe sent out a message that our PIC, obama, stated he could solve all of our problems with a pen and phone.  Senator Inhofe asked what obama could do with a pen and phone to solve our problems.  I would suggest that he could just shove them up his anus, but he probably had no room for them with all the media reporters' heads in the way.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Comment on Our Times

From Small Dead Animals, I picked up the comment of the decade about how the Marxist/Libruls have transformed our times into a pit of squalor.  From a comment on David Thompson's blog, as quoted on SDA:

Yes, I can't help but notice that much entertainment isn't very good, for one thing. We switch on the TV to see artificially created celebs humiliating not-very-good singers on talent shows.
You can read some semi-serious journalists in the Times. None of them compares to Bernard Levin, but perhaps he was a special case - literary skill seems to be having something of a downturn.
But the Graun exposes us to the witterings of these little cliques of people (I've briefly been a member of one such) who want to be creative, but aren't in fact very good yet. Not that they tell each other this fact; insincere praise for one another's work is one of their most finely honed talents - possibly arresting further development as writers or thinkers..
The comment was concerning a post of the complaints of an untalented "female artist" in Australia that the state should subsidize her so she could do her thing. This piece of this comment just concerned one little piece of the topic, but is applicable to a broad spectrum of what is affecting us in our broader culture.  We have a world full of credentialed, but uneducated, moronic, talking heads.   Who ever heard of the "judges" on the talent programs and food network contests.  What gives them the standing to judge others?

My big laugh this week, was the performance great NBC producers during the Sochi Olympics.  Not only did those morons write a teleprompter blurb praising Communist history and president Putin, that Bob Costs mindlessly read , but the morning Today Show presented all the USA medal winners, leaving those who watch at night on NBC Sports knowing the results of the babbling of the talking heads designed to create a desire of the audience to stay tuned for the results (that were already out in the morning.  Isn't it wonderful what the self-praising society of these geniuses produces?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hey NSA! Here is where you can do some good!

Every day, I get between 5 and 10 unsolicited "robo calls" from jerks and con artists.  We get the call from the shipping office,  Rachael at card services,   Senior citizen advisors,  FBI and NSA solicitations, Patrolmen and sheriffs, and FOP, Medicare advisory services, etc.  We are on the do-not-call lists, which is a useless exercise.  These people call day or night.  Their traced telephone numbers are spoofed.  Everything they are doing is illegal.

I have complained to my congresscritter and the Oklahoma AG office.  Their advice is to just hang up and ignore them.  Since these calls are illegal and our political and legal minions have better things to do, why can't NSA do something illegal back?  You would be the heroes of the American people instead of the goats you are rapidly becoming.  I understand that you have your finger on every internet and wireless communication in The United States.  Why don't you take that finger and poke some of these charlatans and scam artists where it hurts.  In fact, you could call it a training exercise for new agents.  You really don't have to hurt these scums, just figure out some way to feed 240 VAC back into their wires.  Although, I suspect that if you could locate them (as current street legends say you can) a practice drone strike would probably get you all raises and the gratitude of the American people.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Why do the Republicans have to Fix Anything?

I am tired of the false challenges promoted by the enemedia, false flag conservatives, and many opinionated writers asking about a Republican Plan or what they are going to do about  (name it-__________). It can be obamacare,  gun control, climate change, etc.  If Republicans admit that they must replace something like obamacare if it fails, then they have lost.  We don't need national health care.  In an extreme case, the government may work with health insurance companies to set up an inexpensive catastrophic health insurance program, but no more anything like obamacare, which we didn't need in the first place.  I am eternally amazed that the national opinion writers always set up a phony need or problem, then demand the Republicans tell everyone how they are going to fix IT, based on the false assumption that IT is broken or need fixing.  What the librul mouthpieces are trying to do. is when they can't get their unneeded programs passed into law, con the Republicans to pass the phony programs for them.  For one, I am sick and tired of the Republican stupidly falling for this.  They should ALWAYS challenge the librul false assumption and then NEVER admit that there could possibly be something to it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Suggestion for The United States and the United Nations

I am not one of those "get out of the UN now people.  We need to be in the UN to protect our interests from the kleptocrats and world controllers both int he UN and in our senate.  My suggestion is that The United States reduce our UN presence to representation on the security council and the general assembly while maintaining our veto.  We should reduce our presence on all the world boards and organizations except those that directly effect us, such as the world bank and military.

I further suggest that the UN take it's presence to Geneva, or Kenya, or upper Slobbovia, and appoint Barack Obama emperor of the world. - and take him with them.  The United States should immediately cut off all dues and aid to UN organizations except those that agree to be completely controlled by the Anglosphere.

Before they move to Kenya, that fiscal paragon of Africa, they should pay all traffic fines.  I would even turn over the New York times, the official organ of socialism, to the control of the UN.  Maybe the Washing Post also.  All the reporters and editors must also move to the UN headquarters.

Lastly, we should declare the laws of piracy, war, and land mines in effect as of 11 November, 1918 to be the only ones in effect.  Remove the term "collateral damage"  from the legal system.  A army can't fight without the support of its people.  If the people support support the army, they should share its fate.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Tulsa has no Honor - Dan Rather

Tulsa has no honor.  Some big dhimocraptic partisan has had a dinner honoring Dan Rather.  You know, the guy that pushed the fabricated military records of president G. W. Bush.  Rather wished to slander George Bush for political reasons.  Rather, the newsman that was supposed to neutrally present the facts and the news to his listeners, and instead used invented stories to slander a politician in the opposing party.

The fact that Tulsa, Oklahoma, a conservative city in a conservative state wished to honor this behavior is appalling.   I don't live in Tulsa, but there is a hot mayoral election between an inept non-partisan republican incumbent and a sleezy female professional plant from Florida who is running advertisements reversing the historical facts.   I really don't care who wins; I am tired of the sleeze.  However, no matter what is happening, to honor Dan Rather is beyond the pale.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I think that our government, under the incompetent dhimocraptic/marxist leadershit is systematically breaking down.  It is 6:00 and my mail still has not been delivered.  Brought to you from the geniuses at HHS, Medicare has trouble finding me.  It seems that the part of the "government" (read LBJ great society welfare  hiree) that prints out the social security card puts the "JR" in my name (which I haven't used in sixty years) in a different place than the Medicare system.  That doesn't keep the medicare pukes from taking my money for the past few decades, and it doesn't keep the medicare pukes from demanding "contributions" of $109 a month in retirement.  But by putting the "JR" in a different place, the illiterate puke that does my medicare doesn't recognize me.

How does this bode for the great obamacare.  If one part of the government bureaucracy doesn't talk to another part or the systems are not really compatible, we're screwed; of course we knew that already.  My diabetic test strips were just rejected by Medicare because they didn't recognize me.   In a rush hour with 30 people waiting in line, the pharmacy staff was so distraught trying to talk to these government pukes, that they offered to just give me the strips.  I turned them down and said I would be back tomorrow.

On the Judd report, it has been reported that the banks have to report to the government pukes how they will handle a crash of the stock market to a Dow Industrial level of about 800.  All over the net, we have people writing about seizures of 401ks (the libruls are running out of people to borrow from), currency devaluations, and federal defaults.  We never had this before until we were blessed with obama (PBHN).   Of course, much of this is "sham wow" type hype from the hucksters, but I think that I will continue to hoard trade goods (booze, silver, ammunition, gasoline and diesel) just to be on the safe side.

I also notice, on the net, that we have obtained copies of the Chinese-US war contingency plans.  They are very good plans, with the west coast getting hit (as they deserve) with fallout planned for the central US.  The East coast( as they deserve) will get hit from polar strikes.   If you are in the central fly-over-country, it might save your life to make a copy of my radiation information earlier in this blog.

As for NSA, if you operate a stupidly as the rest of our government, I 'm not sure we have much to fear from you.  What I would like to know is who is in charge.  Larry? Curly? Moe?