Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Obama

I love it. Two comments on the Pajamas Media site:

Upon the Obamaniacs comparing The Obama to Jesus - "Obama spends while Jesus saves."


"The difference between The Obama and Jesus is that Jesus knew how to build a cabinet."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Feelings of a Civilized World

Tonight, over at Hot Air, several of the people commenting on 'torture' thought the whole civilized world was down on the United States because we were bad torturers, and that we lost their respect.

" turned the whole civilized world against the United States. — True North."

I replied as follows:

The world is not civilized! I am assuming the world you consider to be civilized eats arugula and drinks French wine. Actually, your civilized world would exterminate Jews, enslave women, keep women uneducated, blow up innocent children, restrict the freedoms we hold so dear - speech, religion. Your civilized world sells the makings of weapons of mass destruction to madmen. Your civilized world sacrifices their troops in battle with teabags and nice feelings, and hyper restrictive ROEs instead of bullets and bayonets. The most civilized countries of your civilized world rape children in Africa, instead of protecting and feeding them. Don’t inflict me with your civilized world. I don’t care what your civilized world thinks.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Tea Party in Tulsa

On February 27, the old country girl and I went to a tea party at veterans' park in Tulsa. Although Thursday had a high of 80, Friday, the date of the party, it was in the 20s and 30s. We are not people that go to protests, or even know how to protest. We showed up to see what was going on.

AM radio was there.

TV was there.

The old country girl was there. This whole thing was very much grass roots. It was put on by amateurs, as it should be. No professionally trained marxist/democrat community organizers; just grass roots Oklahomans, goose bumps and all. No bull horns, and the microphone didn't work very well. I counted about 250 - 300 people there, but I left an hour early, and people were coming and going all the time. It is possible that over the whole two hours, there could have been a throughput of up to 450 people. Of course, at least 50 of them were reporters and politicians. A good time was had by all.
In this weather, these were definitely NOT sunshine patriots, and not "neopatriots." These were the real thing. In Tulsa, it is hard to get this many people out for anything, even with advanced notice, except to gun shows and basketball games.