Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This was the greatest Christmas ever. Unlike last Christmas, the Old Country Girl was out of the hospital and went nuts putting up enough decorations to be a landing beacon. All the kids and grand kids and near future step grand kids came over (over the Eve and Day) and all were happy and grateful for what they received. Their laughter and happiness was good for my soul. At least for my children and grand children and new grandchildren, all are smart, happy, and doing well. They will be part of the solution for this country, not part of the problem.

I hope it doesn't snow, because I will be spending the next week putting away all those decorations! Of course, when you are in your 70's, anything you survive is a plus.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Solstice

The Old Country Girl is going all out this year. She even has wreaths for the milk cans. She and the rest of us missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years last year because she was in hospital with an antibiotic IV drip 24/7. We weren't sure she would ever get out, but she was hardheaded enough to do it. As a warning to anyone who peruses this blog, Be vary careful about putting metal appliances into your body. If you have had lymphs removed, discuss the situation with an infectious disease doctor, along with your orthopedic surgon.
Anyway, we won't be painting ourselves blue and doing our winter solstice dance this year, because we can't get around very well anymore and I don't want the neighbors to die laughing.