Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maybe The U. S. Constitution is a suicide pact after all.

This country was founded on the idea of E Pluribus Unum, Out of Many, One.  That is now an impossible condition for this country as it is governed today.  We can't be a melting pot.  The only Americans are those that were here before 1960.  Now every person is an hyphenated American.  Diversity is the ultimate condition of the librul/dhimocraptic/socialist/progressive and racists wielding so much power today.  We used to be inclusive, but now we are diversified.   Do not doubt that all those leaders, politicians, and agitators do not have a utopia in mind, but are solely driven by how they can pervert the system for their personal gain.  Any perversion of the Constitution is OK with the media and beltway grifters, so long as they feel good and and get more power.

Now that we are diversified, and every person is hyphenated, we will be just One Out of Many!

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 6th, 1945

On that date, in 1945,  in order to bring the Empire of Japan to its knees to save further bloodshed, The United States of America dropped the first thermonuclear fission bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.  This action changed the world.  Some feeble minded marxists and socialists have been condemning for this "war crime."  I sincerely believe that the only "crime" involves was that the critics parents weren't residents of Hiroshima at the time.  These progressive types never, never consider any consequences of their own actions.  Like their college professors,   they only consider what they wanted to happen.

As a matter of fact, this much criticized action brought the world a relative peace that has lasted 70 years so far.  In the time span of WW-I through the end of WW-II, over twenty million civilians and military were killed by war.  Since then, except for Muslim murders,   I don't think we have passed a million dead.   Looks like a pretty good trade-off.

In my earlier life, I went to a school that operated the first commercial nuclear electricity generation station.  I didn't participate in that program, but my professors did.  We were overrun with Chinese and Indian students trying to glean any information they could, in spite of the patriotic professors, who had to hide everything from them.  Next was the Army, where with what background I had, I participated in writing one of the first nuclear warfare operating and emergency procedures. After another year, I went to the Army Combined Army School for Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear battle.

After parting company with the Army, I obtained my RSO  (Radiation Safety Officer) license from the AEC.  I trained trained and performed RSO duties for many companies.  I designed and implemented  a program to transition the new computerized radiography to the Air Force, with some cross cooperation with the Navy.

Finally, I wish to drive home the FACT that in nuclear war, the radiation is only a small part of the problem.  It is the blast that is the big killer.  So to sum up, not all unintended consequences are bad.  This one brought us many decades of peace.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

From the Net and a Suggestion

Our pussy in charge of the White house recently addressed a meeting of several native American chiefs in upper New York state. The article states that he extolled all the great things coming to their tribes and all the great things he is doing for them.  In response, these chiefs bestowed the honorific native American title of "Walking Eagle" on him.  After he left they were asked why they gave him this native American name.  The chief explained that walking eagle is what they call an eagle so full of shit that it can't fly.

Our pussy in chief (PIC)can redeem himself and can set the world laughing at Iran and its mullahs.  They are building a wooden mockup of USS Nemitz, ostensibly to show the world that the mighty Iranian Nave can sink a vaunted American super carrier.   In World War 2, the Germans built mock, decoy airfields to trick the RAF into wasting bombs on pastures.  The RAF responded by dropping wooden bombs on these mock airfields.  I suggest that our PIC direct the U.S. Navy to drop a few wooden bombs on the wooden carrier.   Paint the word "BOOM" on the bombs.

Senator James Inhofe sent out a message that our PIC, obama, stated he could solve all of our problems with a pen and phone.  Senator Inhofe asked what obama could do with a pen and phone to solve our problems.  I would suggest that he could just shove them up his anus, but he probably had no room for them with all the media reporters' heads in the way.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Comment on Our Times

From Small Dead Animals, I picked up the comment of the decade about how the Marxist/Libruls have transformed our times into a pit of squalor.  From a comment on David Thompson's blog, as quoted on SDA:

Yes, I can't help but notice that much entertainment isn't very good, for one thing. We switch on the TV to see artificially created celebs humiliating not-very-good singers on talent shows.
You can read some semi-serious journalists in the Times. None of them compares to Bernard Levin, but perhaps he was a special case - literary skill seems to be having something of a downturn.
But the Graun exposes us to the witterings of these little cliques of people (I've briefly been a member of one such) who want to be creative, but aren't in fact very good yet. Not that they tell each other this fact; insincere praise for one another's work is one of their most finely honed talents - possibly arresting further development as writers or thinkers..
The comment was concerning a post of the complaints of an untalented "female artist" in Australia that the state should subsidize her so she could do her thing. This piece of this comment just concerned one little piece of the topic, but is applicable to a broad spectrum of what is affecting us in our broader culture.  We have a world full of credentialed, but uneducated, moronic, talking heads.   Who ever heard of the "judges" on the talent programs and food network contests.  What gives them the standing to judge others?

My big laugh this week, was the performance great NBC producers during the Sochi Olympics.  Not only did those morons write a teleprompter blurb praising Communist history and president Putin, that Bob Costs mindlessly read , but the morning Today Show presented all the USA medal winners, leaving those who watch at night on NBC Sports knowing the results of the babbling of the talking heads designed to create a desire of the audience to stay tuned for the results (that were already out in the morning.  Isn't it wonderful what the self-praising society of these geniuses produces?