Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Claremore Progress Bird Cage Liner

I have to retract my previous statements about the new editor of theClaremore Progress bird cage liner, about the idea that he stated that he wanted a newspaper that reported all sides of the news. So much for that. Mr. Randy Cowling is a typical liberal/socialist/democratic hack.

In the first three-fourths of his illiterate rant, he derides the new Republican majority in the Oklahoma statehouse for passing a new rule that legislations defeated in a previous session can not be reentered verbatum in a subsequent session. Seems like a good idea to me. It is only not a good idea if you subscribe to the techniques that all marxist gains are racheted. If they don't get what they want now, they keep going through it and hiding it in other bills until it passes. Then it can never be rescinded. However, he makes sure several times that it is the dirty dastard republicans that are doing this (Their first time in the majority in 100 years).

The last fourth of his rant is devoted to complaining about the proposition that a party (un-named) in congress has the gold and should make the rules, but another set of obstructionists are keeping the trillion dollars from being passed and denying good Americans jobs and housing. What a stench. I don't know whether the stench is from the Progress or is the smell from Ol' Will coming down from the hill to teach this POS editor how to run a newspaper.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Idol With Feet of clay

It looks like our new president Barak Obama (PBHN) is establishing his new administration, heavily incorporating hope and change. The hope is that every political crook in the country hopes to come to work for him; the change is what they don't have to pay their taxes. Maybe the new stimulus plan needs to give funds to these tax cheats so they can pay their taxes and get the good jobs in the Obama (PBHN) administration. This would also reduce the crime rate!

Since nobody reads this blog, these postings make me feel good. I don't really care how they make you feel, if you accidently stumble into here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

Today is groundhog day. Having been schooled in western Pennsylvania, this day has a sacredness all its own. After daylight this morning, I went out in the yard to consult my groundhog. The little critter showed his head, but before any decisions could be rendered, my English pointer Wellington snapped it up and ate 'um. After the last two ice storms and the AGW prevaricators, I'm not sure I want any more weather or climate predictions anyway.