Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hey NSA! Here is where you can do some good!

Every day, I get between 5 and 10 unsolicited "robo calls" from jerks and con artists.  We get the call from the shipping office,  Rachael at card services,   Senior citizen advisors,  FBI and NSA solicitations, Patrolmen and sheriffs, and FOP, Medicare advisory services, etc.  We are on the do-not-call lists, which is a useless exercise.  These people call day or night.  Their traced telephone numbers are spoofed.  Everything they are doing is illegal.

I have complained to my congresscritter and the Oklahoma AG office.  Their advice is to just hang up and ignore them.  Since these calls are illegal and our political and legal minions have better things to do, why can't NSA do something illegal back?  You would be the heroes of the American people instead of the goats you are rapidly becoming.  I understand that you have your finger on every internet and wireless communication in The United States.  Why don't you take that finger and poke some of these charlatans and scam artists where it hurts.  In fact, you could call it a training exercise for new agents.  You really don't have to hurt these scums, just figure out some way to feed 240 VAC back into their wires.  Although, I suspect that if you could locate them (as current street legends say you can) a practice drone strike would probably get you all raises and the gratitude of the American people.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Why do the Republicans have to Fix Anything?

I am tired of the false challenges promoted by the enemedia, false flag conservatives, and many opinionated writers asking about a Republican Plan or what they are going to do about  (name it-__________). It can be obamacare,  gun control, climate change, etc.  If Republicans admit that they must replace something like obamacare if it fails, then they have lost.  We don't need national health care.  In an extreme case, the government may work with health insurance companies to set up an inexpensive catastrophic health insurance program, but no more anything like obamacare, which we didn't need in the first place.  I am eternally amazed that the national opinion writers always set up a phony need or problem, then demand the Republicans tell everyone how they are going to fix IT, based on the false assumption that IT is broken or need fixing.  What the librul mouthpieces are trying to do. is when they can't get their unneeded programs passed into law, con the Republicans to pass the phony programs for them.  For one, I am sick and tired of the Republican stupidly falling for this.  They should ALWAYS challenge the librul false assumption and then NEVER admit that there could possibly be something to it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Suggestion for The United States and the United Nations

I am not one of those "get out of the UN now people.  We need to be in the UN to protect our interests from the kleptocrats and world controllers both int he UN and in our senate.  My suggestion is that The United States reduce our UN presence to representation on the security council and the general assembly while maintaining our veto.  We should reduce our presence on all the world boards and organizations except those that directly effect us, such as the world bank and military.

I further suggest that the UN take it's presence to Geneva, or Kenya, or upper Slobbovia, and appoint Barack Obama emperor of the world. - and take him with them.  The United States should immediately cut off all dues and aid to UN organizations except those that agree to be completely controlled by the Anglosphere.

Before they move to Kenya, that fiscal paragon of Africa, they should pay all traffic fines.  I would even turn over the New York times, the official organ of socialism, to the control of the UN.  Maybe the Washing Post also.  All the reporters and editors must also move to the UN headquarters.

Lastly, we should declare the laws of piracy, war, and land mines in effect as of 11 November, 1918 to be the only ones in effect.  Remove the term "collateral damage"  from the legal system.  A army can't fight without the support of its people.  If the people support support the army, they should share its fate.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Tulsa has no Honor - Dan Rather

Tulsa has no honor.  Some big dhimocraptic partisan has had a dinner honoring Dan Rather.  You know, the guy that pushed the fabricated military records of president G. W. Bush.  Rather wished to slander George Bush for political reasons.  Rather, the newsman that was supposed to neutrally present the facts and the news to his listeners, and instead used invented stories to slander a politician in the opposing party.

The fact that Tulsa, Oklahoma, a conservative city in a conservative state wished to honor this behavior is appalling.   I don't live in Tulsa, but there is a hot mayoral election between an inept non-partisan republican incumbent and a sleezy female professional plant from Florida who is running advertisements reversing the historical facts.   I really don't care who wins; I am tired of the sleeze.  However, no matter what is happening, to honor Dan Rather is beyond the pale.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I think that our government, under the incompetent dhimocraptic/marxist leadershit is systematically breaking down.  It is 6:00 and my mail still has not been delivered.  Brought to you from the geniuses at HHS, Medicare has trouble finding me.  It seems that the part of the "government" (read LBJ great society welfare  hiree) that prints out the social security card puts the "JR" in my name (which I haven't used in sixty years) in a different place than the Medicare system.  That doesn't keep the medicare pukes from taking my money for the past few decades, and it doesn't keep the medicare pukes from demanding "contributions" of $109 a month in retirement.  But by putting the "JR" in a different place, the illiterate puke that does my medicare doesn't recognize me.

How does this bode for the great obamacare.  If one part of the government bureaucracy doesn't talk to another part or the systems are not really compatible, we're screwed; of course we knew that already.  My diabetic test strips were just rejected by Medicare because they didn't recognize me.   In a rush hour with 30 people waiting in line, the pharmacy staff was so distraught trying to talk to these government pukes, that they offered to just give me the strips.  I turned them down and said I would be back tomorrow.

On the Judd report, it has been reported that the banks have to report to the government pukes how they will handle a crash of the stock market to a Dow Industrial level of about 800.  All over the net, we have people writing about seizures of 401ks (the libruls are running out of people to borrow from), currency devaluations, and federal defaults.  We never had this before until we were blessed with obama (PBHN).   Of course, much of this is "sham wow" type hype from the hucksters, but I think that I will continue to hoard trade goods (booze, silver, ammunition, gasoline and diesel) just to be on the safe side.

I also notice, on the net, that we have obtained copies of the Chinese-US war contingency plans.  They are very good plans, with the west coast getting hit (as they deserve) with fallout planned for the central US.  The East coast( as they deserve) will get hit from polar strikes.   If you are in the central fly-over-country, it might save your life to make a copy of my radiation information earlier in this blog.

As for NSA, if you operate a stupidly as the rest of our government, I 'm not sure we have much to fear from you.  What I would like to know is who is in charge.  Larry? Curly? Moe?


Sunday, November 3, 2013

We will Remember!

Hey!  All you obamacare supporters who are just finding out that you have been communally and totally screwed: 


Nobody cares about the problems you caused yourselves.  We just care about the problems that you, in your stupidity, have caused the rest of us.

We Will Remember!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Fecklessness of Chief Justice John Roberts

See, chief justice, what your fecklessness has caused.  At one time I thought you were an extremely intelligent legal scholar.  Instead, now I know that you have no standards.  You have twisted our Constitution and legal system to achieve your political ends.  Look at the damage you have caused this country because you were too gutless to stand up for what was right.  YOU, John Roberts, have helped destroy this country.  Those of us who survive will remember your fecklessness!

Millions out of work.

Millions losing their health insurance.

Millions being forced to buy health insurance that had no application to their requirements.

Millions will not be able to move to another state because they will become uninsured.

Sleep well, you Piece of Shit!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

To My Asian and Other "Third World" Friends About Gas Cans

You have seen a series of tongue-in-cheek post about the problem with government regulating of gas cans.  This is, on the surface, a fairly unimportant subject.  I mean, how important is a gas can in the context of life, the universe, and everything?  Well, here is where us cowboys in the good ol' U S of A differ from the rest of the world.  This is what sets us apart.  This is why some consider the USA to be EXCEPTIONAL.

We are so exceptional that our brainwashed unwashed millions can elect a person as our President who has no experience with our culture, is incompetent, but has a pleasant personality and can promise the unwashed the moon.  Unfortunately, we stopped going to the moon to be able to give our unwashed another gegaw for their vote.

Back to the gas cans.  I can expound on this subject because it is a perfect example of how the unwashed government bureaucrats can add to life's  irritations without ever realizing their own stupidity.  Only in an exceptional country could we  waste time and energy on this subject, because we oppose any infringement on out liberty, no matter how small.

You think we are not exceptional?  Read other parts of my web site to see how exceptional we are.  Just to let you know, I was poor when I grew up.  I just didn't know it.  My aunt had to buy me my annual pair of shoes to go to school.  I only wore shoes in the winter and if they didn't last, I had to use newspaper in the soles to keep dry.  I sold  my mother's hand sewn  items door-to-door until I got a job at 14.  I paid my own way through college (one of the best in the world)  with three jobs (all at the same time).  AFTER university, I VOLUNTEERED for the Army to pay back the privilege of being born in this country.

I am now a crotchety old man, who has outlived all my antecedent family, through the grace of God and common sense.  Pardon me, if in my comments in other blogs I seem to lack sympathy for the unwashed.  If you are part of the unwashed of your country (or living in your mother's basement in this country or our northern cousin's country) get a REAL education, get literate, guard you liberty with your life, and get a flameing job, no matter how degrading!  When you do, you can talk about idiotic bureaucrats and stupid gas cans!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Solution for the Nanny-State Gas Can Problem

I do a lot of e-Bay playing.  Since it is the greatest source in the world for obsolete and used servicible parts for just about anything.  Guess what folks, you can get the old style flexible spouts on e-Bay.  You can buy one or one-hundred.  What you have to know, is to keep you from using them, the bureaucrats and nanny-staters have decreed that they can't fit the old gas cans.  However, the manufacturers have met these requirements by using the same sized cap with a different thread pitch.

The interesting thing about nanny-staters is that they think that their ideas and solutions to non-existent problems are the bestus and most perfect in the world. Unfortunately, they have never interacted with a competent engineer, or they would never have come up with the non-existent problem or idiotic solution.

Well folks, here is all you have to do:  keep the old cap to the gas can and insert the new spout.  Everything fits and works.  All you have is an extra useless new gas  can cap.

I notice that the preponderance of sites having these spouts for sale are in the president's state of Hawaii.  I assume that because they are probably coming in from China.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bloomberg Cocktail

For the last hundred years, or so, there has been available a tasty cocktail that consists of 2 to 3 shots of either bourbon or Canadian whisky and one shot of sweet vermouth.   This has long been known as a Manhattan.  It can either be served straight-up or on-the-rocks.  An associate of mine who went to school with John Lindsey of mayor of New York fame, explained that many people referred to the version with ice as the Lindsey cocktail, or Manhattan-on-the -rocks, referring to the financial condition of the city under John Lindsey.

Taking a look at the current crazy that is mayor of our largest and most esteemed city, I think we should forgive John Lindsey for his past flubs, and to christen Bloomberg as its namesake.  Henceforth, this elixir of the Gods should be referred to the Bloomberg cocktail (Manhattan-on-the-rocks) (with ice).

Any of you seven readers that peruse this blog, pass the word.

On Parallel Universes

The great physicists and philosophers of our times have speculated on the existence of parallel universes.  They have spent uncounted amounts of time and money studying this possibility.  That is all unnecessary.

Dogs have long known about parallel universes.  They just know.   If you have more than one dog and a house with more than one door going to each available yard, your dog will demonstrate to you which universe is what.    For demonstration purposes, let us say you have two doors to your front yard.  Your dog will use whichever door goes to the universe he wishes to visit.  The same with doors to the back yard.  I have four pointers and often doggysit weimaraners and bassets.  They all run to the doors when it is time to go outside.  However, depending on the time of day and what they want to do out there, they will go to different doors.  Note, all the doors lead to the same universe that I expect to be there, but they go to different universes that the dogs expect to be there.  They never get lost, though, because the always come in the right door to get back to this universe.

I fully expect that these dogs are so ethical that they would never defecate into the wrong universe.  I also see notices of lost dogs on the local power poles.  I suspect that these dogs never got back to the right universe.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Introduction to a Metrology Course for an African Air Force Ally

  The following is an introduction to a Metrology / Calibration (PMEL) course I developed for an American ally in Africa.   These military officers had spent their lives believing that Western Nations have the only technically competent societies capable of precision and accuracy.  This introduction was to reacquaint them with the idea that their ancestors were doing precision work and had precision standards when the western nations were painting themselves blue and running naked into battle.   This course was presented by my female offspring, which was an extreme cultural experience for these officers, but at least with this introduction, all the inferiority complexes went out the window. 

The outline of chapter 1:

1.                  Introduction

1.1              History of Measurement and Calibration

The history of measurement begins with the discrimination of the ages of Egyptian weights and capacity measures.  Increased knowledge of prehistoric weights and measures supercedes most of the fragmented and vague statements of ancient authors.

Lineal measures:  The earliest known is the standard cubit used in Egypt from the time of the predynastic royal toumbs onwards.  The first accurate example is in the size of the pyramid of Snefru (3rd dynasty) at 20.62 modern inches.  The cubit was defined more exactly in the pyramid of Khufu.  The pure system was:

                        Meh       = 0.206 inche
                        100 meh = 1 cubit = 20.62 inches
                        100 cubits = 1 khet = 2062

The cubit was mixed with other systems:

                        Zebo  (digit)  =0.737 inches
                        4 zeb0 = shep = 2.974 inches
                        7 shep = cubit = 20.62 inches
                        100 cubuts = khet = reel = 2062 inches
                        120 reels = 1 ater or skhoinos

Capacity measures:  The approximate values of Egyptian capacities are anciently stated by the odd quantities that certain vases held.  The first measure was the Egyptian hen which was about 29.1 cubic inches.  The values of these old capacity measures are:

                        Ro = 3.64 cu in
                        8 ri = hen = 29.1 cu in
                        4 hen = hennu = 116.4 cu in
                        10 hennu = apt = 116.4 cu in
                        4 apt = tama = 4656 cu in
                        25 tama = sa = 116.400 cu in

The precision of the capacity measure has been measured by comparing  five regular unmarked  measures of metal and stone is 29.2 +/- 5 cu in, ten bronze vessels  is 29.0 +/- 0.3 cu in, and 8 marked vases is 29.2 +/- 0.6 cu in

Weight Measurements:  The Egyptian weights are by far the best known and most published.    Each people or tribe tended to have had a separate weight standard and these were brought to different countries by invasion or trade.  Those standards which were most alike gradually approximated by errors of copying, and lost their individuality.  Seventeen standards in Egypt, which had originally come from foreign sources became simplified into 8..  The Peyem standard is marked on three weights of 116, 121, and 124 grains.

                        n = 30 grains
                        4n = payem = about 120 grains
                        10 payem = noshem = 1200 grains
                        10 noshem = r = 12000 grain           
                        4 noshem = s = 48,000 grains

            a grain is about  0.0648 grams

Measurements throughout the world range:

Anoman         -           Ceylon
Berri               -           Turkey
Capicha                      Iran
Duin                -           Netherland
Elle                  -           Latvia
Fanega            -           Argentina
Gallon             -           US / UK
Hiyaka-me      -           Japan
Immi               -           Switzerland
Joch                _          Austria
Keddah          -            Egypt
Li                    -           China
Mahud                        Arabia
Nia                  -           Thiland
Oke                 -           Cyprus / Egypt / Turkey / Greece
Parsec             -           Astronomy
Quart              -           US
Ri                    -           Japan
Ser                  -           India
Toise               -           France
Vara               -           Portugal
Wigtje -                      Netherlands
Yard               -           US / Mexico
Zolotnik          -           Russia

There are over 700 modern local major units of measure today.  These do not include subunits or unit multiples such as micrograms or kilometers. 

The Metric System:

 Fractions and multiples of this system, based on 10.  The weights and capacities would derive from these measurements.  This was the first metric system.  The French, after their revolution, wished also to change the old order.  Dr. Franklin’s system, became the basis of of their new system.  The length of the meter was later established as the length of a metal bar c 1875) , and still later (1927)  1,553,164.13 wavelengths of the red light emitted by a cadmium vapor lamp excited under specified conditions.  The United states adopted the metric system by treaty signatory and act of congress.  However, Wilber and Orville Wright built bicycles in inches and later airplanes in inches.  The Great airplane companies followed suit, and aircraft were built in inches.  Millions of tools were made in inches, special tools for airplanes.  The old systems are so tenacious, that In spite of the US Congress passing metric System laws in recent years, mother still cooks using cups, table spoons, tea spoons, dashes, pints, and quarts.

The expense of re-tooling mechanics and assembly lines for metric production and maintenance has resulted in a general lingering of the English system.  In recent years, the US automotive industry, because of competition form metric countries, has proceeded from inches to soft metric to hard metric.  Soft metric is using metric sized that can be handled by English tools, eg.  ½ inch wrenches can turn 11 mm nuts.  Some aircraft systems are just now becoming all metric.  Yet, even now, spacecraft have been lost because engineers did not appreciate the differences between English and metric measurements.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blogger sucks

My apologies to those who came to this site for the good pictures and nice format.  One day last week, all my pictures disappeared.  I followed the blogger trouble shooting instructions and then my format disappeared also.  Blogger publishes no contact number on their site. I can't even call Chandra in India.  Although I was pushing programming cables in 1960, I never learned coding per se.   When Bloggers instructions entail going into the code and finding errors, forget it.  Of course, Blogger IS free, but I wouldn't recommend their customer service.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nanny State Gas Can Reprise

On August 31,  2011, I wrote about the idiocy of the nanny state and their gas can regulations.  Well, I can safely say that things haven't improved, but have gotten worse, very unsafe, more expensive, and environmentally bad.

To start out, I needed an additional one-gallon saw gas dispenser because I kept running out when working the saws and lawn equipment.  Anybody who used 2- and 4- stroke powered equipment knows that gasoline containers larger than one gallon are unwieldly and dangerous.  So with great hope in my heart that the government morons and crony capitalists haven't degraded the product I needed, I went to Atwoods to buy another container.

Much to my unsurprise, the only containers they had were now $14 as opposed to the $5 containers I bought a few years ago.  I thought I was getting the same container, because the spout was inverted into the container where I couldn't see it.  It is intuitively obvious that the proper spout needs to be flexible to fit into the small gas tank opening to  the rear of the support handle.  It needs to be flexible because a straight, stiff handle is useless when starting and stopping the gasoline flow.   Again, much to my unsurprise, the inverted spout stood straight up like stiff erection when properly mounted.  It was not even angled in the middle to provide a safe dispensing into any gasoline tank, let alone, the configuration on a chainsaw.

Of course, this spout had all the mandatory stupid safety features, like a stud that you push against the side of the gas feed hole, concurrently with an arthritic squeeze on the black saw-toothed safety lever , to start the gas flowing.  Unfortunately, this arrangement causes the gasoline to shoot across the hole into the environment.  It is even worse, when the tank is filled, the gasoline cannot be shut off with the black saw-toothed safety lever until the tip of the spout is removed from the lip of the gasoline filler hole, ensuring not only additional gasoline is spilled, but that all the remaining gasoline in the spout shoots out into the environment.

Anybody that reads this blog,  all seven of you, know that I am an engineer, and I think a good one at that.  I think that the engineer that (notice, I didn't say who) designed this and the federal bureaucrat that forced the engineer to design this abortion, should be disbarred, defrocked, castrated, and hung from the nearest lamp post.   Of course the ignorant bitch that has just taken over the EPA doesn't want any climate change deniers in her department, so she is probably too stupid to correct this situation.

To make an environmentally safe gas can, we are dumping at least 100 times more gasoline into the environment than we would using the old fashioned flexible spout can.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Personal Note to Government Surveillance

I note that every once in a while, this blog gets a bundle of visits from "unknown" sources.  If these sources are associated with NSA or any other spying organization, either foreign or domestic, I have included an educational link for you  as a personal gift.  For those US citizens, the link is a reminder of the subversion of Our Constitution.  For those foreign observers, the  link will get you to Our Constitution so you can see what constitutes the basis of a free country.  Take it  and use it in good health.


Although the US is slowly becoming a police state, I can still write my opinions under our currant Constitution.  I don't always write things that the Government or you will agree with.  If you don't like the things I say or disagree, just move on.  Nobody made you visit this blog.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Middle Aged White Guys and Racisism

Posting a link only so I don't piss off the librul Washington post.  I guess this means, since the US is the most racially tolerant country in the world, with less than 4.9% intolerant, the middle aged white guys are not so racist as our marxist propagandist would like you to believe.  In fact, the northern European countries are the most tolerant countries in the world, except for France.  I know from direct experience that France is the most intolerant, hateful country in the world.  No wonder Germany invaded them.  The French hate everybody, including the French.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anybody Up for a Special Prosecutor?

Anybody up for a special prosecutor?  I know the position was killed by the congress after the Clinton impeachment.  The dhimocrapts killed it because they couldn't control it.  However, I think a new special prosecutor can be appointed by the House of Representatives, without the consent of the Senate or the Executive.  If I remember my Constitution right, the House investigates high crimes and misdemeanors.  They can appoint an independent council and fund it any way they can.  All the blacks will start screaming racism, etc.  However, this country is headed for civil war.  This country can't survive two civil wars in 150 years.  The only way I see we can head it off is an independent council to not only investigate the Executive, but also the Senate and all these relations to banking and Wall Street.  We can't depend on the FBI any more.  Obama has politicized it and the ATF, CIA, and NSA and made them into his own special Geheime Staats Polizei.  The American people are afraid of what is coming and they have lost confidence in their government.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Lies - Anthropogenic Global Warming

Here it is May, 2013, and I am seeing the results of global warming.  There is white stuff floating down in Oklahoma.  I think it must be from the deserts of Colorado and Kalifornika.  Maybe it is ash from a power plant  to the West of me. No!  This stuff seems to be frozen water.  Everybody is covering their gardens and trying to save anything they can.

This is obviously due to a lie.  Either the AGW libruls are lying to us about it getting warmer or the calendar makers are lying about this being May.  I think it is a little of both.  If the AGW goracles are right, then this must be January.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Why is it?

Why is it that our elite politicians national press care more about investigating and vetting every patriot that wants a weapon for home defense, hunting, or as a militia, and completely within the auspices of the Second Amendment of our Constitution, but they have no interest to investigate and vet visitors and immigrants who may or may not be here legally, and may wish to cause us harm?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm not the only one

who thinks this whole administration is based on a foundation of lies. I am seeing these accusations of administration lies across the net. I have decided to keep this post listing references of those who are calling Obama et. al. liars. I will be adding them over the next few days:

 http://internetscofflaw.com/ " Yes, someone is lying"

http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/52d23fa6-aa98-11e2-bc0d-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2RC4iY39A   US changing data to get 3% economic growth


"Promise expired: Obama budget tax hikes hit “nearly every income level”10:01 AM ON APRIL 23, 2013  

Monday, April 8, 2013

They are Still Lying

Courtesy of Zerohedge.com via SDA, The EIA listed retail production of gasoline in The United States  has gone from 67 million gallons per day  (GPD)  in 1999 to 62 million GPD  when Obama took office.  Today, that figures has dropped to about 28 million GPD.  No matter what The Lying United States government says, no matter what false statistics they publish to make you think the economy is doing better,  the energy usage says we are only doing half as well as we used to.   I would say that (praise be his name) Obama is the most successful Marxist or totally incompetent, destroyer of countries since uncle Joe took over the USSR.  Since gasoline sales are a function of the success of the economy (excepting the small contribution of the increase of energy efficiency in automobiles) and the true number of people that actually hold jobs, I guess a lot of people are out of work and have been taken off the rolls.  The government is lying to you folks.

Ever notice the plethora of billionaires lately?  40 years ago there was just one - J. Paul Getty.  There are not that many more successful people today, it is just the dollar is not worth as much.  The United States government has stolen 75% of the value of the dollar in the last 40 years, half of that since Obama.  Not only that, you don't get interest on your savings account.

The United States Government LIES about the consumer price index (CPI), which is staying around 1-2%.  How much are eggs today, milk, chicken, beef?  LIARS  LIARS  LIARS!

The scam artists want you to protect yourselves by buying gold.  In the 1930s, Roosevelt, by executive order, confiscated all gold held in private hands, at a reimbursement rate of $35/toz.  Think you are safe, think again!

Nowhere do you see this reported in the democrat party mainstream propaganda media.  Nowhere do you see your congress critter do anything about this.  Remember, when the accounting and retribution comes, do not forget that the people who remain Democrats and who blindly support their policies and the media reporters are also responsible.

NOW IS THE TIME TO DUCK AND COVER!  The Gods of the Copy Book heading are Preparing to Visit.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Only in America

Democrats, not only have no common sense, they have no idea what democracy is.

They do not understand the function of a legislature.  Their minds have been bent by left wing terrorists and Marxist college professors.

The Cable News Network reports that:

" A federal judge in New York, has ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the morning-after birth control pill available to people of any age without a prescription.  The order overturned a 2011 decision by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to require a prescription for girls under 17."

I am reminded of a gentleman, refugee from the Soviet Union, Yackov Smirnoff, who, when he got off the airplane in New York, saw a vodka advertising sign which read "America Loves Smirnoff."  His first thought was "Only in America."  See Yakov at Branson, Missouri, before he retires!

Yes, only in America have we come so far that an over-indoctrinated  progressive judge-for-life can rule that a 9 year old girl can go into a pharmacy and buy, over the counter, an abortificative pill, without any question or parental notification, while, at the same time, she can't buy asprin.  This ruling is extolled by all the "elite" bitches and feminazis.  I think what The United States needs is sharia law and forced removal or retirement of these political judges-for-life. 

Only in America can we provide abortion pills for children, but through obamacare, make it impossible for their mothers to get chemotherapy for cancer.  And, of course, Obama says that women do not need mammograms, so that won't be covered.

What you got to say about that you fat-assed elite, feminazi Bitches? 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Obama, the Lying Moron

From the presidential address praising Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco:

"Now, over the next couple of months, we’ve got a couple of issues:  gun control.  (Applause.)  I just came from Denver, where the issue of gun violence is something that has haunted families for way too long, and it is possible for us to create common-sense gun safety measures that respect the traditions of gun ownership in this country and hunters and sportsmen, but also make sure that we don’t have another 20 children in a classroom gunned down by a semiautomatic weapon -- by a fully automatic weapon in that case, sadly."  

This is an extract from the White House transcript of his speech.

Emphasis is mine.  This is just another example of his lying and ineptitude.  You would think his marxist handlers would sit on him for a while.  Nah!  He's the messiah to too many idiots.  For any of you HuffPo assholes that might by chance read this, the weapons were two semi-automatic pistols.  A semi-automatic rifle was still in his car. unfired.

Our Financial Problems - Who is to Blame?

Both the Democrats  and the Republicans  are right about the fiscal problems in The United states, and both are to blame.  Both are blinded by ideology.  Both are enablers of graft and protect their sources of money.   However, the Democrats are (with some Republican bi-partisanship) are responsible for  about 87.5% of the problem, and the Republicans, living in trepidation of disapproval of the media, are suckered into grabbing 18.4% of the responsibility.  Below is an edited excerpt from heritage.org.

                                 All numbers are in Billions of US dollars.

Discretionary  Entitlement Interest Total Total Deficit
Spending Spending Spending Revenue
GWB   2000     799 1236 290 2325 2632 307
Pres. 2001     825 1280 262 2367 2530 163
Rep  2002     918 1383 214 2515 2318 -197
Cong 2003    1010 1448 188 2646 2183 -463
2004    1066 1474 191 2731 2240 -491
2005     1117 1521 212 2850 2483 -367
2006    1135 1577 253 2965 2688 -277
GWB 2007    1131 1574 257 2962 2787 -175
Dem Sen 2008    1205 1694 269 3168 2681 -487
Obama  pres  2009    1300 2199 197 3696 2212 -1484
Dem Cong. 2010    1399 1987 204 3590 2247 -1343
Obama 2011     1371 2062 234 3667 2344 -1323
Dem Sen 2012    1289 2053 220 3562 2435 -1127
Rep House

Doing a little math we get:

Government Average
Era Discretionary Entitlement Interest Spending Revenue Deficit
Spending Seending
 GWB Pres 981 1280 262 2367 2530 -189
Rep Congress
President 1168 1634 263 3065 2734 -331
Dems take over Senate
Obama & Dem  1349 2093 200 3643 2230 -1414
Senate  and House
Obama & Dem Senate 1339 2058 227 3614 2390 -1225
Republican House

The obvious Deficit conclusions we can draw from this are that :

  1.  The deficit did not  grow significantly under GWB and a Republican Congress.
  2. The deficit grew slightly under GWB and a split Congress.
  3. The deficit ballooned under BHO and a Democratic Congress.
  4. The deficit stopped ballooning under BHO and a split Congress.
The obvious spending  (discretionary and entitlement) conclusion  is that
spending grew from an average of  $2367 billion under GWB and a Republican Congress to an average of $3643 billion under BHO with a Democratic Congress.  An average increase of  $1276 billion or  87.5%. 

The obvious revenue conclusion is that revenue increased slightly under GWB with a split congress, but significantly decreased under BHO with a Democratic or  split Congress.  It decreased from a high of $2734 billion to a low of $2230 billion,  or $504 billion, 18.4%. 

The overall conclusion from this data is that the Republicans are responsible for about 25% of the problem, based on their posturing on taxes and revenue and the Democrats are responsible for about 75 % of the problem, based on their expostulations about taxing the rich.    The gap between increasing spending and decreasing revenue as about $1780 billion dollars.   No wonder we are in trouble.

I think the Republican position of no new taxes is based on both the untrustworthyness of their Democratic collegues and the desire to follow the Laffer  pronouncements  with tunnel vision.  The history of the  Democratic position of new taxes to increase revenue without significant spending cuts  has shown that they waste the money they have on supporting  ideological boondoggles and are unthrifty in their spending.  It appears, from the news, that most of the increased spending has gone to bailing out or rewarding high dollar contributors, or falling for every technological scam artist that supports them.  Because of the historic actions of the Democrats and BHO, the Republicans are loathe to trust them any more.  

Let's get one thing straight, The republicans think that taxes stiffle business - to an extent they are right.  However, it is probable that only taxes that affect business or commerce stiffle business.   The selected elite that get rich massaging stocks.  The banks and stockbrokers that have forgotten good financial business practices and destroy the economy, while taking home massive golden parachutes; the revolving door between lobbyists and Congress and the Executive are all self serving.   All these actions go into the spending column and our of the revenue column, with none of these actions helping businesses.  I don't think that these kind of tax cut actions were what Laffer was talking about.  That is just graft, and BHO and the Democrats are kings of the graft. 

With his ideological blinders and economic stupidity, BHO can never correct the situation.  Pelosi and Reid are in the same class.  The easiest no-cost way to ameliorate the economic situation is to remove the non-productive rules and regulations hampering business.  If he did this, BHO might generate enough revenue to pay for his "Obamacare" dream and still give graft to his supporters.  Alas he is so ideologically driven and economically stupid that this will never happen.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

If You Don't Learn from History, You deserve What You Get

This is not a call to arms,
but only a reminder of things past and our heritage.

Subverting The Constitution is NOT Treason,
But it is a high crime or misdemeanor.

Falsum etiam est verum quod constituit obama

False becomes true when obama decides it is.    Syrus


Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
 Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.
(later) Sir John Harington  (4 August 1561 – 20 November 1612)


Sermo datur cunctis; animi sapient paucis

Speech is given to many, intelligence (in the case of Obama) to few.


To be, or not to be,  that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
 And by opposing, end them?

William Shakespeare,    Hamlet 3/1


Scots Wha Hae
(Robert Burns)

Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled,
Scots, wham Bruce has aften led;
Welcome to your gory bed,
Or to victory!

Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
See the front o’ battle lour;
See approach proud Edward’s power-
Chains and slavery!

Wha will be a traitor knave?
Wha can fill a cowards grave?
Wha sae base aa be a slave?
Let him turn and flee!

Wha for Scotland's king and law
Freedom's sword will strongly draw,
Freeman stand, or freeman fa',
 Let him follow me!

By oppression’s woes and pains!
By your sons in servile chains!
We will drain our dearest veins,
But they shall be free!

Lay the proud usurpers low!
Tyrants fall in every foe!
Liberty’s in every blow!-
Let us do or die!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What YOU Can Do!

Now that you are getting interested in finding out how your local sheriff and police stand on the second amendment, If they are supporting it, don't leave them out on a limb.  The one stick that Washington DC has is funding.  Ask your city commission or county commissioners about how much DC funds your local law enforcement (with our own money).  The most important thing today, is to make local law enforcement independent of federal funds.   I know how all you conservatives and libertarians detest taxes, but is best if local law enforcement is funded entirely out of local taxes and has no dependence on Washington.   Don't let them accept federal funding; that just puts them under federal control.  If you have to, put forth petitions for local tax increases earmarked for law enforcement.  Make these increases contingent on not accepting federal largess.  Make sure the local law enforcement know you are trying to help them and keep them independent.

However, if they take positions violating the Second Amendment, then there are always elections.  Make sure they know that also.  If you can find a candidate that really drives home these problems, then support that or those candidate(s) with money and other grass roots support.  Make sure your congress critter and senators know what you are doing.  Don't depend on any political party for anything.

Now is The Time for all Good Men to Come to the Aid of Their Country

Now is the time for everyone to determine where their local Sheriff stands on enforcing or aiding enforcement of federal Second Amendment restrictions.  You should know now, not after the marxists pass restrictions in the name of protecting our chillums.  Write the sheriffs and police letters; send e-mails;  send a letter to the local news paper.   (The librul news papers probably will not publish them, but that's pravda for you.)

Sheriffs all over the country are publicly telling the marxist tyrants in Washington that they not only will not help in the enforcement, but they will arrest any federal agent in their counties that are suborning The Constitution  by coming into their jurisdiction to enforce the marxist attempt at abridging the Second Amendment.  Not only should you know where they stand, but their stance should be made public.  If they are going to come and arrest you for possessing Second Amendment weapons in the future, you should know now and make it a BIG election issue.

Contact your Governor and state legislators.  Get state nullification passed.  Make sure the Sheriffs and Police have the full backing of your state in this.  

This is not about hunting or target shooting.  Any American citizen has the right to possess any weapon equivalent or similar to ANY enforcement officer in the citizens jurisdiction.  The Second Amendment  was put into the constitution to provide citizens protection against abuse by the political classes.  At the same time, you also have the obligation to use your Secondment Amendment protected arms to protect your local law enforcement if they request it and to be available to support them in their rightful duties.