Sunday, December 25, 2016


Way back in the 1930s  and 1040s in Europe, we had the Chamberlains, the Quislings, the politicians who sold their countries to the dark side, using lies and half-truths.  They were aided and abeted by students who advertised that they would never fight for their country, who convinced Hitler that Albion would let him do whatever he wanted.  All the politicians lied, except that half-American Winston Churchill (whose bust obama removed from the White House).  Because The United Kingdom politicians lied and did not keep their promised, the entire country was referred to as perfidious Albion.

We now have the example of our "first black president" obama doing the same thing - in the name of the United States of America, in our name.  Perfidious America, courtesy of barak hussein obama.  Of course, you have to remember that islam has NO connection with Western ethos and tradition.  In Islam, you can lie all you want   - Taqyah,  I suspect that when this all shakes out, the dhimocrapts will go the way of the NAZIs (they will all keep a republican in their closet, to protect them from their cowardly actions,)  Nobody will ever admit they voted for obama or hillary clinton,  obama will go to the fate of quisling, and his name will be reviled in the future as was Neville Chamberlain.