Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Nanny State and the Gas Can Spout (Spigot)

For the last several weeks, I have been looking for replacement Diesel (yellow) cans and spigots. All the cans I have found have the two handed spigot with a lever on the side that must be held open, a two handed operation for arthritic Old Country Boys like me, but since it normally takes another hand or two to hold the can (two if it is five or six gallons), then I need to become a Martian freak with four arms or need help from the Old Country Girl. I have been told by the local NAPA dealer that the Ass Holes at the EPA have mandated this to save the planet and that these new ones are the only ones now on the market; at a $15 - $20 premium, I might say. I believe the environmental freaks at the EPA are discriminating against arthritically disabled people. Knowing the Obamination administration, I seriously if environmental protection enters into the equation. I suspect it involves brothers-in-law or doner whales.
"When the revolution comes", or when Jim Inhofe gets his way, we will take care of this.
You know, When the ASTM promulgates a standard, the responsible author is ofte referenced by name. I think we should have the same required when any government agency promulgates a regulation, whether good or bad. At least these government "authors" can be held accountable for their stupidities.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am going to Try

I have neglected this blog because of other pressing issues. I did not think this blog had any popularity. However, I notice that I have had quite a few visits this year. If I never make interesting postings, I cheat anyone who does visit. I know that I have been disappointed in other neglected blogs. So in the interest giving a reward for your visit, I am going to Try to make a few timely posts of items that interest me and that might provide you come good useful information.
I am thinking about providing some information about battlefield radiation survival in the event fuzzy-wuzzy gets through. I may talk a little about the Old Country Girl for those who are facing some decisions on medical implants. Speaking of decisions, I think I will explain the interactions of multiple probabilities of procedure outcomes.