Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our Last Black President

I think that Barack Hussein Obama will be the last black president of the United States.  The previous black president (William Jefferson Clinton and Mr. Obama have poisoned the electoral process for this country to such an extent that the United States will no longer be able to exist as a county if this travesty continues.  Barack has opened out borders to all the people who don't know what America and its laws means.  The most common term of the newspaper accounts of the recent riots in Chicago is "undocumented."    Almost all the descriptions and pictures show racial minorities doing all the destruction and making all the noise.

The news fabrication pukes blame the riots on Donald Trump, in the same vein that muslims blame the woman for her own rape.  The dhimocrapts and news enemy combatants  using new descriptions of "illegal orders" are trying to get the politicized military senior officers to go along with providing these undocumented bums with an Army to eliminate the whites and middle classes.  Posse Comitatus means nothing to these revolutionary bums, except to give a legal cover to their unpunished destruction.  I am not  particularly a Trump supporter, but I think he is right in this case.  Deport EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PUKES!  Protect yourself.  Clean and sight in your rifle and handgun.

In the name of diversity and politics, President Obama has poisoned the water for any other black high elected official.  You communist/marxist/socialist/dhimocrapts. can blame your enemies for forcing this on us, but you are to blame, no matter how much the NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC
CNN, FOX, Telemndo, the GOPe,  the DNC, and all the stupid republican candidates blame us.  The time is coming for a redress of grievances.  Remember these people.