Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long Naughts

New Year's eve, 2009. So long "naughts", I can't say it has been good knowing you. Looking forward to the "teens". Maybe we can redress some grievances. Maybe the world will end in 2012 as per the worlds prognosticators and more primitive religions. Maybe the US government will do away with income tax. Maybe Oklahoma can win an important bowl game. Maybe some raghead will nuke New York. Maybe some raghead will try to nuke New York but will die puking of radiation poison before he can. Maybe Barak Obama will do his job. Maybe Nancy Pellegro's face will freeze that way do to the botox.

Going into my seventh decade, nothing will surprise me. No politician too dumb or crooked; no act of charity too selfless; no person who fails to act with courage when needed. Bless the rough men who protect us.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A hobby

Every since I was a toddler, I have ridden the Frisco and Santa Fe trains. I decided a few years ago, with IHC listing of an HO version of the Frisco Firefly, to look into collectiong HO gauge Frisco (a fallen flag) engines and rolling stock. I now have a Frisco Firefly, a Frisco Meteor, a Santa Fe super Chief and a Santa Fe olive drab chief. These are not part of a layout; I just set them on my book cases and look at them.

I do have pictures of me and Old Frisco steam passenger service to Claremore. I love real trains. I have traveled the Tulsan, Kansas City Chief, Chicagoan, Super Chief, El Capitan, Meteor, Firefly, PennTexan, Broadway Limited, National Limited, Capitol Limited, Orient Express, and lately of all things have taken my children and grand children on the Chicago, South Shore, and South Bend. I do love old trains.

Since my first real jobs were in foundries and steel mills, I have also collected the steel making series with ladles, rail thermoses, ingots, rolling mills, blast furnaces,ets. Some dayI will put it all together. However, I am getting along in years and the younger generations are only interested in nientendo and Wii. Manyana. I think the marxist/liberals have killed our past.

Now for the quiz: In this post I have used the one word in the English language with the most definitions. If you do drop by here, can anyone tell me what it is.

I am not a news Aggregator

It is obvious that I don't post very often. My site meter doesn't work so I don't know if anybody reads any of this anyway. I will comment on news or other comments on my recommended sites.

The world and The United States is in turmoil with the premature socialist attempt of take over, within the US and through the United Nations. I think this attempt is premature. I think the socialists have overstepped. If they just try to salvage what they can of their programs and back off, in the US, they will probably have other days. I fear, however, these people don't know how to back off and they will push the population into reaction. This worries me. We lost over 500,000 in our last civil war. If we get another one, there are more than 500,000 marxist college professors, pedefiles, and con artists, and these people have an unrealistic evaluation of their own physical and military prowess. The butchers bill will make the last civil war pale in camparison.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun with the king of battle

Infantry has always been considered to be the queen of battle. Artillery is known as the King of battle because they place their balls where the queen wants them. My experience with all this dates from the very early 1960s where Uncle Sam assigned me to protect Europe from the red plague. I don't have pictures of the M-109 155 howitzer that I later served with, but here are the two towed howitzers we had: To the left is A battery firing 105mm towed howitzer. The shell is separate (not separate loading, which means you screw in the fuse, pull the projo off the shell and cut and remove powder to the amount you need, stick it back together, hand it to the loader and shoot.

Next is B battery in the snow with 155mm howitzers. Notice tha A battery is in a tree line with camoflauge nets. B battery is in a staggered formation with the howitzers one bursting radius apart. That means when they fire a "fire for effect" the whole target area will be filled with no gaps in coverage.

This is what one of these howitzers looks like up close. It throws a 94 pound projo (give or take a few squares (artillery talk). The ammunition is separate loading, which means you screw in the fuse and load the projo, then the powder after you take out what you don't need.

Here is the money picture. Not a handful of people in a million have ever seen this. When you see this, get ready to go deaf. When you can see this, you know somebody out there is in a heap of trouble.

Lest you forget what we are here for, here is what you see when the tumult and the fighting dies:

Artillerymen are driven creatures. The most important things in their lives are the guns and the mission. Their job is to put metal on target, even if they have to carry it out there on their back.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you happen to stop by --

If you happen to stop by, leave a comment. I do some commenting around the net at both liberal and conservative sites. My comments are generally cold water on the prevailing thread, and are often the last comments posted. I like to bring the other commenters back down to Earth from their flights of fancy. Welcome to the site.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Obama

I love it. Two comments on the Pajamas Media site:

Upon the Obamaniacs comparing The Obama to Jesus - "Obama spends while Jesus saves."


"The difference between The Obama and Jesus is that Jesus knew how to build a cabinet."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Feelings of a Civilized World

Tonight, over at Hot Air, several of the people commenting on 'torture' thought the whole civilized world was down on the United States because we were bad torturers, and that we lost their respect.

" turned the whole civilized world against the United States. — True North."

I replied as follows:

The world is not civilized! I am assuming the world you consider to be civilized eats arugula and drinks French wine. Actually, your civilized world would exterminate Jews, enslave women, keep women uneducated, blow up innocent children, restrict the freedoms we hold so dear - speech, religion. Your civilized world sells the makings of weapons of mass destruction to madmen. Your civilized world sacrifices their troops in battle with teabags and nice feelings, and hyper restrictive ROEs instead of bullets and bayonets. The most civilized countries of your civilized world rape children in Africa, instead of protecting and feeding them. Don’t inflict me with your civilized world. I don’t care what your civilized world thinks.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Tea Party in Tulsa

On February 27, the old country girl and I went to a tea party at veterans' park in Tulsa. Although Thursday had a high of 80, Friday, the date of the party, it was in the 20s and 30s. We are not people that go to protests, or even know how to protest. We showed up to see what was going on.

AM radio was there.

TV was there.

The old country girl was there. This whole thing was very much grass roots. It was put on by amateurs, as it should be. No professionally trained marxist/democrat community organizers; just grass roots Oklahomans, goose bumps and all. No bull horns, and the microphone didn't work very well. I counted about 250 - 300 people there, but I left an hour early, and people were coming and going all the time. It is possible that over the whole two hours, there could have been a throughput of up to 450 people. Of course, at least 50 of them were reporters and politicians. A good time was had by all.
In this weather, these were definitely NOT sunshine patriots, and not "neopatriots." These were the real thing. In Tulsa, it is hard to get this many people out for anything, even with advanced notice, except to gun shows and basketball games.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Claremore Progress Bird Cage Liner

I have to retract my previous statements about the new editor of theClaremore Progress bird cage liner, about the idea that he stated that he wanted a newspaper that reported all sides of the news. So much for that. Mr. Randy Cowling is a typical liberal/socialist/democratic hack.

In the first three-fourths of his illiterate rant, he derides the new Republican majority in the Oklahoma statehouse for passing a new rule that legislations defeated in a previous session can not be reentered verbatum in a subsequent session. Seems like a good idea to me. It is only not a good idea if you subscribe to the techniques that all marxist gains are racheted. If they don't get what they want now, they keep going through it and hiding it in other bills until it passes. Then it can never be rescinded. However, he makes sure several times that it is the dirty dastard republicans that are doing this (Their first time in the majority in 100 years).

The last fourth of his rant is devoted to complaining about the proposition that a party (un-named) in congress has the gold and should make the rules, but another set of obstructionists are keeping the trillion dollars from being passed and denying good Americans jobs and housing. What a stench. I don't know whether the stench is from the Progress or is the smell from Ol' Will coming down from the hill to teach this POS editor how to run a newspaper.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Idol With Feet of clay

It looks like our new president Barak Obama (PBHN) is establishing his new administration, heavily incorporating hope and change. The hope is that every political crook in the country hopes to come to work for him; the change is what they don't have to pay their taxes. Maybe the new stimulus plan needs to give funds to these tax cheats so they can pay their taxes and get the good jobs in the Obama (PBHN) administration. This would also reduce the crime rate!

Since nobody reads this blog, these postings make me feel good. I don't really care how they make you feel, if you accidently stumble into here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

Today is groundhog day. Having been schooled in western Pennsylvania, this day has a sacredness all its own. After daylight this morning, I went out in the yard to consult my groundhog. The little critter showed his head, but before any decisions could be rendered, my English pointer Wellington snapped it up and ate 'um. After the last two ice storms and the AGW prevaricators, I'm not sure I want any more weather or climate predictions anyway.