Monday, December 10, 2012

Telemarketers from Kalifornica

I have been on the state and national Do-Not-Call list, for years, properly renewed, etc.  I get at least 10-12 calls a month  and possibly one daily, primarily from telemarketers that want to help me reduce my credit card interest.  When I called cox after 3 in a row in about 20 minutes, they gave me this tip:

1.  If I do not have caller Id or the telemarketer has blocked it, get a paper and pencil ready.  Call   *69.  A computer will immediately give you the last number to call you and offer to call them back.

2.  Don't do the call them back thing.  Enter the number, by itself, in Google.  Google will tell you who they are, where they are located and how many complaints they have.

3.  I then notified the state of Oklahoma and filled out their form on line.

Nothing may come of this, but my caller was from Kalifornica and I noticed  that they had a ton of telemarketers there.  As far as my concerns about Kalifornica are concerned, let that state slide into the Pacific and take these bums with them.