Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Feelings of a Civilized World

Tonight, over at Hot Air, several of the people commenting on 'torture' thought the whole civilized world was down on the United States because we were bad torturers, and that we lost their respect.

" turned the whole civilized world against the United States. — True North."

I replied as follows:

The world is not civilized! I am assuming the world you consider to be civilized eats arugula and drinks French wine. Actually, your civilized world would exterminate Jews, enslave women, keep women uneducated, blow up innocent children, restrict the freedoms we hold so dear - speech, religion. Your civilized world sells the makings of weapons of mass destruction to madmen. Your civilized world sacrifices their troops in battle with teabags and nice feelings, and hyper restrictive ROEs instead of bullets and bayonets. The most civilized countries of your civilized world rape children in Africa, instead of protecting and feeding them. Don’t inflict me with your civilized world. I don’t care what your civilized world thinks.

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