Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A hobby

Every since I was a toddler, I have ridden the Frisco and Santa Fe trains. I decided a few years ago, with IHC listing of an HO version of the Frisco Firefly, to look into collectiong HO gauge Frisco (a fallen flag) engines and rolling stock. I now have a Frisco Firefly, a Frisco Meteor, a Santa Fe super Chief and a Santa Fe olive drab chief. These are not part of a layout; I just set them on my book cases and look at them.

I do have pictures of me and Old Frisco steam passenger service to Claremore. I love real trains. I have traveled the Tulsan, Kansas City Chief, Chicagoan, Super Chief, El Capitan, Meteor, Firefly, PennTexan, Broadway Limited, National Limited, Capitol Limited, Orient Express, and lately of all things have taken my children and grand children on the Chicago, South Shore, and South Bend. I do love old trains.

Since my first real jobs were in foundries and steel mills, I have also collected the steel making series with ladles, rail thermoses, ingots, rolling mills, blast furnaces,ets. Some dayI will put it all together. However, I am getting along in years and the younger generations are only interested in nientendo and Wii. Manyana. I think the marxist/liberals have killed our past.

Now for the quiz: In this post I have used the one word in the English language with the most definitions. If you do drop by here, can anyone tell me what it is.

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