Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now is The Time for all Good Men to Come to the Aid of Their Country

Now is the time for everyone to determine where their local Sheriff stands on enforcing or aiding enforcement of federal Second Amendment restrictions.  You should know now, not after the marxists pass restrictions in the name of protecting our chillums.  Write the sheriffs and police letters; send e-mails;  send a letter to the local news paper.   (The librul news papers probably will not publish them, but that's pravda for you.)

Sheriffs all over the country are publicly telling the marxist tyrants in Washington that they not only will not help in the enforcement, but they will arrest any federal agent in their counties that are suborning The Constitution  by coming into their jurisdiction to enforce the marxist attempt at abridging the Second Amendment.  Not only should you know where they stand, but their stance should be made public.  If they are going to come and arrest you for possessing Second Amendment weapons in the future, you should know now and make it a BIG election issue.

Contact your Governor and state legislators.  Get state nullification passed.  Make sure the Sheriffs and Police have the full backing of your state in this.  

This is not about hunting or target shooting.  Any American citizen has the right to possess any weapon equivalent or similar to ANY enforcement officer in the citizens jurisdiction.  The Second Amendment  was put into the constitution to provide citizens protection against abuse by the political classes.  At the same time, you also have the obligation to use your Secondment Amendment protected arms to protect your local law enforcement if they request it and to be available to support them in their rightful duties.

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