Monday, April 8, 2013

They are Still Lying

Courtesy of via SDA, The EIA listed retail production of gasoline in The United States  has gone from 67 million gallons per day  (GPD)  in 1999 to 62 million GPD  when Obama took office.  Today, that figures has dropped to about 28 million GPD.  No matter what The Lying United States government says, no matter what false statistics they publish to make you think the economy is doing better,  the energy usage says we are only doing half as well as we used to.   I would say that (praise be his name) Obama is the most successful Marxist or totally incompetent, destroyer of countries since uncle Joe took over the USSR.  Since gasoline sales are a function of the success of the economy (excepting the small contribution of the increase of energy efficiency in automobiles) and the true number of people that actually hold jobs, I guess a lot of people are out of work and have been taken off the rolls.  The government is lying to you folks.

Ever notice the plethora of billionaires lately?  40 years ago there was just one - J. Paul Getty.  There are not that many more successful people today, it is just the dollar is not worth as much.  The United States government has stolen 75% of the value of the dollar in the last 40 years, half of that since Obama.  Not only that, you don't get interest on your savings account.

The United States Government LIES about the consumer price index (CPI), which is staying around 1-2%.  How much are eggs today, milk, chicken, beef?  LIARS  LIARS  LIARS!

The scam artists want you to protect yourselves by buying gold.  In the 1930s, Roosevelt, by executive order, confiscated all gold held in private hands, at a reimbursement rate of $35/toz.  Think you are safe, think again!

Nowhere do you see this reported in the democrat party mainstream propaganda media.  Nowhere do you see your congress critter do anything about this.  Remember, when the accounting and retribution comes, do not forget that the people who remain Democrats and who blindly support their policies and the media reporters are also responsible.

NOW IS THE TIME TO DUCK AND COVER!  The Gods of the Copy Book heading are Preparing to Visit.

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