Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bloomberg Cocktail

For the last hundred years, or so, there has been available a tasty cocktail that consists of 2 to 3 shots of either bourbon or Canadian whisky and one shot of sweet vermouth.   This has long been known as a Manhattan.  It can either be served straight-up or on-the-rocks.  An associate of mine who went to school with John Lindsey of mayor of New York fame, explained that many people referred to the version with ice as the Lindsey cocktail, or Manhattan-on-the -rocks, referring to the financial condition of the city under John Lindsey.

Taking a look at the current crazy that is mayor of our largest and most esteemed city, I think we should forgive John Lindsey for his past flubs, and to christen Bloomberg as its namesake.  Henceforth, this elixir of the Gods should be referred to the Bloomberg cocktail (Manhattan-on-the-rocks) (with ice).

Any of you seven readers that peruse this blog, pass the word.

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