Thursday, September 19, 2013

To My Asian and Other "Third World" Friends About Gas Cans

You have seen a series of tongue-in-cheek post about the problem with government regulating of gas cans.  This is, on the surface, a fairly unimportant subject.  I mean, how important is a gas can in the context of life, the universe, and everything?  Well, here is where us cowboys in the good ol' U S of A differ from the rest of the world.  This is what sets us apart.  This is why some consider the USA to be EXCEPTIONAL.

We are so exceptional that our brainwashed unwashed millions can elect a person as our President who has no experience with our culture, is incompetent, but has a pleasant personality and can promise the unwashed the moon.  Unfortunately, we stopped going to the moon to be able to give our unwashed another gegaw for their vote.

Back to the gas cans.  I can expound on this subject because it is a perfect example of how the unwashed government bureaucrats can add to life's  irritations without ever realizing their own stupidity.  Only in an exceptional country could we  waste time and energy on this subject, because we oppose any infringement on out liberty, no matter how small.

You think we are not exceptional?  Read other parts of my web site to see how exceptional we are.  Just to let you know, I was poor when I grew up.  I just didn't know it.  My aunt had to buy me my annual pair of shoes to go to school.  I only wore shoes in the winter and if they didn't last, I had to use newspaper in the soles to keep dry.  I sold  my mother's hand sewn  items door-to-door until I got a job at 14.  I paid my own way through college (one of the best in the world)  with three jobs (all at the same time).  AFTER university, I VOLUNTEERED for the Army to pay back the privilege of being born in this country.

I am now a crotchety old man, who has outlived all my antecedent family, through the grace of God and common sense.  Pardon me, if in my comments in other blogs I seem to lack sympathy for the unwashed.  If you are part of the unwashed of your country (or living in your mother's basement in this country or our northern cousin's country) get a REAL education, get literate, guard you liberty with your life, and get a flameing job, no matter how degrading!  When you do, you can talk about idiotic bureaucrats and stupid gas cans!

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