Thursday, August 6, 2015

Who was president when......

World War I            Woodrow Wilson (D)

World War II           Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (D)

Korean War             Harry Truman  (D)

Viet Nam War         John F. Kennedy  (D)
                                 Lyndon Baines Johnson  (D)

Gulf War                  George H.W. Bush  (R)

Iraq War                   George Bush  (R)
                                 Barack Obama  (D)

The new leftist mantra is that it is the Republicans that take the United Stated to war.  This is  easily proved false.  I have included LBJ and BO as secondary war presidents because they Inherited other wars, but mismanaged them to such an extent that we lost the wars.  The last two wars losses were actually exacerbated by a congress (D) that cut off funds after the United States won the actions. leaving  our brave allies without resources to continue and win.

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