Monday, May 16, 2016

The Net Is Rigged Against Conservatives

Most of the middle-of-the-road or more conservative discussion sites have now switched over to facebook or other social media sites for commenting.  They will not let you contact them or complain.  They will not talk to you about how to ameliorate the situation.  Hot Air, Instapundit, and similar sites require you to use Facebook - you know the site controlled by Zuckerberg, the Facebook owner who censors conservative postings.  Facebook holds the position of a "common carrier" but they spend their time trying to control the political spectrum - in favor of  "progressives."

They say,  "all you have to do is join facebook," and you can post on their sites."   What's wrong with that?  Would you like to trust your personal data to a political operative and a site that is in the business of censoring people like you.  If you go to the sites mentioned, you can see they are much diminished.  They are filled with political shills and operatives, and other obvious morons.  Because of the posting limitations, their site comments go forward without any other views.  Most of the commenters that have supported these sites for the last dozen years are no longer posting, including me.  Thanks Ed and Glenn.  Good businessmen!

Site comments, in my humble opinion, should be a contract between the site owner and the commenter.  Why should an honest site demand the commenter go through a biased third party to make coments to the site?

If anybody is interested, here are a few interesting blogs that accept your comments directly:

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