Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Updating Epimenides

Epimenides,  stated that "All Cretans are  liars."   Epimenides himself, was a Cretan.  Is his statement true or false?  To update that statement, including attribution of causation, "All modern dhimocrapts are liars, but not all liars are modern dhimocrapts.  In plain and simple English (you know, that tongue of the privileged)  If you see a dhimocrapt and he opens his mouth and says something, that can be judged by it's origin to be a lie.   If, however, you hear a huckster trying to sell you something, that doesn't mean he/she/it is a dhimocrapt.  

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david chabassol said...

just visited from SDA.. thanks for ... well just like your style.