Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post Debate Polls and the Journolists

I deliberately did not watch the first debate because like all other political things that include dhimocrapts, I suspected the debates would be rigged and frankly, I wasn't interested.  I figured that all the trusted American news sources would tell me what to think the next morning.  I went on the net and looked for debate results in no particular order and lo and behold, I calculated that Trump won by 67.4% to 32.5% for Clinton.  This was non-rigorously extracted from the net reporting by site.  If you notice, I found only one conservative site, but selection was by accident until I got bored.

                          Clinton            Trump
Slate                  44.82%            55.18%              Historically Librul
Drudge              17.66%            82.34%              Historically Conservative
CBS                   39.5%              60.5%               Historically Leans Librul
ABC                   15%                 84.9%               Historically Leans Librul    
TIME                  45%                55%                  Crazy, wild out of their minds Librul
Breitbart                                                              Couldn't find their results - Reported Hillary won
CNBC                 33%                67%                  No opinion on these guys
_______           _______            ______
Average             32.5%              67.4%               Not Weighted

I have posted this, because after the journolists have had time to sober up and have received their marching orders from their bosses, they ALL report that Hillary won the debate, even those from the above organizations.  I think I see history being made here, the librul way.  I just wanted to get this written down, so that when the history is officially rewritten, I will have some idea what actually happened.

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