Thursday, September 11, 2008

A healthy helping of crow!

I need to eat two healthy helpings of crow. The first concerns the post on Trashy Tulsa. Apparently, I244 accumulated a lot of trash awaiting a final major cleanup before resurfacing. Although this was not obvious to me at the time, I withdraw my Trashy accusations.

The second helping of crow concerns the Claremore Daily Progress newspaper. I am not really sure the crow is really deserved, but it seems they have a new publisher within the last month; a Mr. Bailey Dabney. He is apparently trying to run the newspaper like the ethics of journalism require. He admits the national media is very biased, and he wants the 30% of news, not of Claremore origin, extensively vetted. He has publically chastized the executive editor for passing on a national column that was evidently viscious, politically biased , and untrue. He says it won't happen again.

I think I am going to give them a call and resubscribe after a dozen years. You can contact them at: They might eventually make Will Rogers proud of them.

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