Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trashy Tulsa

I had to make a trip to Oklahoma City a couple of days ago, and when I returned to Claremore, I took I244 through downtown Tulsa. I have been all over the world, and in some really trashy countries (such as Saudi Arabia), but Tulsa has to be the trashiest place on Earth. The trash along I244 is continuous from downtown to past the airport. In some places it is knee deep. It is on both sides of the interstate. If you drove over some of the things in the trash, you could have serious injuries.

I think this is the some old Oklahoma problem. The governments get tax money (city/state/federal) to maintain roads and infrastructure, but the glitter of new construction is more mesmerizing to the politicians than maintaining what they have. Is it any wonder that the people of Tulsa county keep voting down bond issues for new stuff. The politicos do not spend the bond money for what it was voted, let alone maintain what they have.

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