Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hey NSA! Here is where you can do some good!

Every day, I get between 5 and 10 unsolicited "robo calls" from jerks and con artists.  We get the call from the shipping office,  Rachael at card services,   Senior citizen advisors,  FBI and NSA solicitations, Patrolmen and sheriffs, and FOP, Medicare advisory services, etc.  We are on the do-not-call lists, which is a useless exercise.  These people call day or night.  Their traced telephone numbers are spoofed.  Everything they are doing is illegal.

I have complained to my congresscritter and the Oklahoma AG office.  Their advice is to just hang up and ignore them.  Since these calls are illegal and our political and legal minions have better things to do, why can't NSA do something illegal back?  You would be the heroes of the American people instead of the goats you are rapidly becoming.  I understand that you have your finger on every internet and wireless communication in The United States.  Why don't you take that finger and poke some of these charlatans and scam artists where it hurts.  In fact, you could call it a training exercise for new agents.  You really don't have to hurt these scums, just figure out some way to feed 240 VAC back into their wires.  Although, I suspect that if you could locate them (as current street legends say you can) a practice drone strike would probably get you all raises and the gratitude of the American people.

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