Monday, November 18, 2013

Why do the Republicans have to Fix Anything?

I am tired of the false challenges promoted by the enemedia, false flag conservatives, and many opinionated writers asking about a Republican Plan or what they are going to do about  (name it-__________). It can be obamacare,  gun control, climate change, etc.  If Republicans admit that they must replace something like obamacare if it fails, then they have lost.  We don't need national health care.  In an extreme case, the government may work with health insurance companies to set up an inexpensive catastrophic health insurance program, but no more anything like obamacare, which we didn't need in the first place.  I am eternally amazed that the national opinion writers always set up a phony need or problem, then demand the Republicans tell everyone how they are going to fix IT, based on the false assumption that IT is broken or need fixing.  What the librul mouthpieces are trying to do. is when they can't get their unneeded programs passed into law, con the Republicans to pass the phony programs for them.  For one, I am sick and tired of the Republican stupidly falling for this.  They should ALWAYS challenge the librul false assumption and then NEVER admit that there could possibly be something to it.

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