Saturday, November 10, 2007

Armistice, Rememberance, Vetrans Day

Armistice or Rememberance day, Veterans' Day in Oklahoma, was to honor the veterans of the Great War or World War I. Armistice Day (Rememberance Day in the rest of the world) was set on the date of armistice from that war, 11:00am, November 11th. After WWII, Korea and other conflicts where freedom was defended by the English Speaking Union, Eisenhower changed the name to Veterans' Day in 1954. Later, after Viet Nam, the date was changed the date from November 11th to the 4th monday in October, so the Government employees could have a 3-day weekend. However, since the states do not have to follow the Federal Government holidays, veterans' day is still generally recognized as November 11th.

A proper celebration includes a shot of good whiskey downed at 11:00 am on that hallowed day. With the downing is a salute to veterans and missing comrads who can't be with us today.

With this, I as an old artilleryman would like to salute the ultimate sacrifice of a neighborhood friend from my boyhood, Army Sergeant Duane Farl Wagner, who fell in Viet Nam. Duane gave his all that we may be free.

Happy birthday marines.

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