Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A life change

This blog was never intended to be political. It is going to get there today, however. And if anyone ever tunes in, I don't care if you agree or not, or even if you read it. This blog is for me.

I come from a long line of Republicans. My father and mother were both Republicans. They were Republicans of the party of Lincoln. I have been a Republican since 1961. I have voted for Democrats, particulary here in Oklahoma, where in the past the choice has been among Democrats - bad, middlin', good, and great. The Republicans never showed up. Way back when, the ol' country girl was so disgusted with the choices that she supported and voted for Ross P. I explained that I really thought that would be a lost vote because all that would happen is the conservative and libertarian switch would give us (even at that time) slick willie.

I am not a conservative with a capital "c", but I have become more independent as I age. Well, this old man got a call from a representative of the national Republicans. He gave me the canned spiel about all the support I have given them and so on. He asked me for money. I have given to our two senators Coburn and Inhoff. However, I won't give to the national party. I merely stated that I gave to my two senators, but will not give to the national party until "I'm not going to listen" they come up "to this" with a more reasonable "click" policy on....

As I wrote to Senator Inhoff, I'm going down to the election board this week and re-register other than Republican. My Party has left me.

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