Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Suggestion for The United States and the United Nations

I am not one of those "get out of the UN now people.  We need to be in the UN to protect our interests from the kleptocrats and world controllers both int he UN and in our senate.  My suggestion is that The United States reduce our UN presence to representation on the security council and the general assembly while maintaining our veto.  We should reduce our presence on all the world boards and organizations except those that directly effect us, such as the world bank and military.

I further suggest that the UN take it's presence to Geneva, or Kenya, or upper Slobbovia, and appoint Barack Obama emperor of the world. - and take him with them.  The United States should immediately cut off all dues and aid to UN organizations except those that agree to be completely controlled by the Anglosphere.

Before they move to Kenya, that fiscal paragon of Africa, they should pay all traffic fines.  I would even turn over the New York times, the official organ of socialism, to the control of the UN.  Maybe the Washing Post also.  All the reporters and editors must also move to the UN headquarters.

Lastly, we should declare the laws of piracy, war, and land mines in effect as of 11 November, 1918 to be the only ones in effect.  Remove the term "collateral damage"  from the legal system.  A army can't fight without the support of its people.  If the people support support the army, they should share its fate.

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