Monday, November 4, 2013


I think that our government, under the incompetent dhimocraptic/marxist leadershit is systematically breaking down.  It is 6:00 and my mail still has not been delivered.  Brought to you from the geniuses at HHS, Medicare has trouble finding me.  It seems that the part of the "government" (read LBJ great society welfare  hiree) that prints out the social security card puts the "JR" in my name (which I haven't used in sixty years) in a different place than the Medicare system.  That doesn't keep the medicare pukes from taking my money for the past few decades, and it doesn't keep the medicare pukes from demanding "contributions" of $109 a month in retirement.  But by putting the "JR" in a different place, the illiterate puke that does my medicare doesn't recognize me.

How does this bode for the great obamacare.  If one part of the government bureaucracy doesn't talk to another part or the systems are not really compatible, we're screwed; of course we knew that already.  My diabetic test strips were just rejected by Medicare because they didn't recognize me.   In a rush hour with 30 people waiting in line, the pharmacy staff was so distraught trying to talk to these government pukes, that they offered to just give me the strips.  I turned them down and said I would be back tomorrow.

On the Judd report, it has been reported that the banks have to report to the government pukes how they will handle a crash of the stock market to a Dow Industrial level of about 800.  All over the net, we have people writing about seizures of 401ks (the libruls are running out of people to borrow from), currency devaluations, and federal defaults.  We never had this before until we were blessed with obama (PBHN).   Of course, much of this is "sham wow" type hype from the hucksters, but I think that I will continue to hoard trade goods (booze, silver, ammunition, gasoline and diesel) just to be on the safe side.

I also notice, on the net, that we have obtained copies of the Chinese-US war contingency plans.  They are very good plans, with the west coast getting hit (as they deserve) with fallout planned for the central US.  The East coast( as they deserve) will get hit from polar strikes.   If you are in the central fly-over-country, it might save your life to make a copy of my radiation information earlier in this blog.

As for NSA, if you operate a stupidly as the rest of our government, I 'm not sure we have much to fear from you.  What I would like to know is who is in charge.  Larry? Curly? Moe?


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